It’s time to expand your circle of friends and your circle of influence! A Circle is a group of people with shared interests. A Circle represents protection and eternity because it never ends. When we pray with each other, we surround and form a circle around them. A Circle is a comfortable place to make friends, have fun, eat together and laugh together. We share our lives with each other and encourage each other. Circles meet in homes, coffee shops and wherever there is a friendly atmosphere. As we circle up with each other, we find value and friendship. We hope you will join us!

1st Saturday

8:30am - Just Keep Walking - Meridian Park - Lori McTaggart
8:30am - Kingdom Builders - Location TBA - Chad Brumbalow
Youth Boys and Girls - Amir and Katie Cooper

2nd Friday

7:00pm - Super-C - meets at C3 on 78 - Dale Herring and Nadine McTaggart

2nd Saturday

9:00am - Wrestle-Wo-Mania - (Discipleship) - Becky's House - Becky Harris and Destiny Woods
11:00am - Crafty Circle - Casey's House - Casey Ritter
5:30pm - Family Circle - Locations TBA - Ronnie and Candi Alewine

2nd Sunday

12:30pm - Sunday Lunch Circle - Location TBA - Ps. Brian and Jessica Lenox

3rd Sunday

5pm - Probst Discipleship Circle - Probst Ranch - Ps. Rick and Donna Probst
5pm - Lenox Discipleship Circle - The Shire - Ps. Brian and Jessica Lenox

Wanna join the fun?