Come From Loganville Georgia to Join the c3 Church Family

If you live in the Loganville Georgia area we want to be your place for worship. By welcoming you into our family here at c3 we build a stronger community for everyone.

What Loganville Expects From Us

Here at c3 Church, you can expect a number of things from us as your church. Just like the strong community in Loganville you can expect to be warmly met every time we see you.

You can expect a safe place where you can meet some new friends and neighbors from right here in the Loganville, GA community. We praise through song, spirit, and the messages of our pastor.

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The c3 Church Expands Beyond Sunday

We treat all of our parishioners like a strong family. Whether we see you with your kids on Sunday morning or run into you over breakfast at the Cup and Saucer Diner.

The fellowship you’ll build here at our church gives you a richer fuller life not only with the deeper relationship you’ll be forming with God but, from the friendships you’ll be forging with the fellowship we have created.

How Do We Praise

When you come to a service you can expect it to run in the same way most of the time. Here we begin every service in song to Jesus and the Lord.

Our music isn’t the praise hymns of times past but an upbeat and triumphant sound that’s fun and gets you excited to be here in the best place of your week.

Our pastor will then give their message, around 30 minutes long, to help us get through our week and give you inspiration to live your best life through Jesus.

Our services last a little over an hour and then you’re welcome to hang out and chat with your friends.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

Our goal is to bring the community of Loganville together through Jesus.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and embrace you into the c3 Church Loganville family.

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